March 09, 2004

Google for your computer

x1 - "Bridging the found barrier"

Check this application out, it's awesome.  I looked at it for about ten seconds a few weeks ago and thought the interface was annoying; it's not Microsoft enough in my opinion.  Today though I re-downloaded it and got past my interface complaints after it finished indexing my hard drive.  It finds files extremely fast... I've been using it to find files even when I know where they are.  It's faster to type the first few letters of the file name into x1 and have it do the rest than it is for me to open up My Computer or go to the Run Command and click/type my way to the file.

I want drag and drop support, currently if you want to drag a file from it's home on your hard drive you have to right click it in x1 and select "Locate on Disk" and then you have to use the resulting Explorer window to drag the file from.  I also want more advanced search functionality such as searching a full phrase instead of each individual word.  I also want it to minimize to the system tray, I could be missing something but I don't see this option.

Only having used this product for a day now I would like everyone to know that I could be missing some features and making a fool of myself in the first real post on my blog... it's all good though, it build character or something.

Some blogs that turned me onto this product:
Scoble: X1 is best, says Weinberger
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