March 11, 2004

Graphics designers

Our normal web designer is out for a while, not sure where he went actually :(

So this week it's my job to mock up a site for a client demo, no problem right?  Our graphics designer does amazing work and she is very particular.  I did this whole mock up and I took it to her for review and she said things like "the edge of the logo in the header is supposed to line up with the left edge of the text in the footer", etc, etc... I just sat there and though, "Holy crap, I would have never noticed that.... or that."  I then went to my desk and fought with Internet Explorer to get everything to look exactly right.  I wonder what's going to happen in the morning?

I've noticed a few people that rub off people when they say things that don't seem to matter... such as the footer text lining up with the left edge of a particular piece of the logo image.  That's probably not the best approach to take, I mean, here's the scenario:

  • I thought I had a nice looking design.
  • I took my top notch design to her and she showed me why I'm not a designer, even though it was damn close to what she designed.
  • I changed all the things she requested (no doubt there will be more tomorrow)
  • I look at it now next to my previous design and I think, "Wow, all those little things really made a big difference"

Moral of the boring story is; just cause you can code doesn't mean you have a clue about what looks good.


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