March 21, 2004


Wanted to do this since I signed up a couple weeks ago.

There are two options for those that don't like it; syndicate or write a stylesheet that will render the blog how you would like it to show up and I will set up a javascript that saves in cookies your preference. Anyone will then be able to choose their favorite stylesheet and view the site however they want.  I purposely copied the design of CSS Zen Garden in hopes that others would contribute to this blog by writing stylesheets.

This design is purely experimentation on my part and won't be changed no matter how much anyone hates it unless they either do it for me or I get bored of it and somehow find time to make a new one.  The latter of these two will probably not happen, the only reason that I did a new design in the first place was so that I could test some stuff that I have been working on for work :)

PS: Hopefully I will be uploading the SharePoint menu that I posted about last week... I still havn't forgotten.


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