March 22, 2004

SharePoint: List to Navigation

Credits: The flyout menu I use for this demo is from Twin Helix

What is it?: A WSS demonstration of using a Data View to generate an unordered list and then passing that unordered list to a 3rd party JavaScript and generating a navigation solution that is editable by the user.

Files: Sample WSS site with working demo

Directions: In FrontPage 2003 create a blank WSS site and then use the Tools/Server/Restore Web Site... menu item to load the Sample WSS site to the blank site you just made.  By taking a look at the scripts in FrontPage 2003 and the functionality in your browser you should be able to get a good feel  for how everything works.  Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email if you need some help.


View of rendered menu
Sample site; rendered menu.

View of unrendered menu
Sample site; the unrendered menu.

View of unrendered menu
Sample site; menu Administration.


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